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car seat safety

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I keep reading about how babies and children should not wear their coats in the car. I understand the reasons but my question is what are you supposed to do when you take your baby out of the seat to go into the store? Are you then supposed to unbuckle your baby, put their coat on, carry them into the store, and then take their coat off again? First, the second I open the door my baby will get a draft and be cold and then when I put him back into the car and take his coat off he will be cold. I bought a tight fitting fleece snowsuit that he wore this past winter but I still wonder if that is not correct. From what I'm reading it seems like I'm supposed to layer him in his every day clothes. So once I get him into a building I will need to take multiple layers off. I know it is for the safety of the child but I feel like I am missing something because doing this while making sure my older child is not running off while it takes me five minutes just to get into the building is crazy. It makes me never want to leave the house. Everything I read explains in the car seat but not what to do when you go in and out of the car. Please help!!!!!

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