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caregiver expects us to accept nasty behavior of friend - help!

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My 3 yr old son is a sensitive kid and his playmate has older siblings "schooling" him. On most play dates, my son is injured when the other kid plays aggressively (today he was hit upside the face with a whiffle ball bat). The nanny expects us to accept that if we "start certain games with" this child, my son will get hit. I disagree. I know he's no angel 24/7, but my son knows safe ways to play with other kids. Why must we "understand" the other child and accept the injuries, while the other child - who has no learning or behavioral challenges - goes unpunished and the behavior repeats itself? I've spoken to the caregiver and the mom repeatedly - both insist that we just have to understand that this is the way the other child is. I'm ready to start phasing these long-time friends out of our routine. What else can I do?

answers (3)

you've tried talking so cut them off. screw playdates with a little monster who isn't being taught to keep their hands to themselves or not to hit people. if they don't respect your child you don't need them
sounds like you need to find a new caregiver. i would not let my daugher play with those heathen brats! like sunshinemommy said, if they can't respect your child, then they don't deserve his company!
what those parents and nanny are doing letting that child hurt yours with no repurcussion/discipline is (in my opinion) NEGLECT that child is screaming for attention and not getting it...but i agree that if they refuse to do something and you can't be there to monitor what goes on and to protect your child then i wouldn't let him around the other child at all from the sounds of it it won't be long before someone turns up with a broke limb

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