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Caster oil to start labor??

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Hi. Im 37weeks an 2 days. My baby weighd 6.13 over a week ago. The last two days i have been very miserable, so this morning i drank 2oz of caster oil. Its been 4 hours and i havent noticed a thing.. You think i lucked out or will something happen yet??

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I have heard that it can work but it makes you really, really sick. Being so sick is what makes you go into labor. If the baby isn't ready though it won't work.
That is VERY dangerous. I STRONGLY recmomend that you call your doctor. Don't wait until morning, call NOW.
The baby comes when he/she is ready. The labor process comes at a particular time for a reason... It is not in our hands when the baby comes... I think you should consult a physician about what you have done..... You havent made it to 40 wks yet. Be patient and your little one will arrive when he/she is ready which is most important.
You can try all kinds of home inducement tricks. But there some things to keep in mind; don't do so until you are at 38 weeks as you are more ready to go into labour and risks and complications are minimal. Another thing to remember no matter how many you try if babe's not ready to be born nothing will work. Use home incudment trick safely.
dont freak out!!  its not very dangerous..the caterol causes diahrea and thats what induces labor, the baby is considered fully developed at 37 weeks s if it did come now there would be very low chances of something being wrong..thats a good size baby so i wouldnt worry.. try walking and sex ..i know aor of nurses and women who work in womens hospitals its totally fine
did the casterol work?
No matter what you do, unless your cervix is "ripe" you won't go into labor!  The only thing they know that triggers labor is a drop in progesterone, but that's triggered by the baby's brain!

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