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I will be 31 weeks on Wednesday and for about the past week I feel like everything has changed. My appetite has decreased; I am having a ton of pain in my back, hips and legs; everything has started getting on my nerves really bad; and I have started having pressure, not in my bottom but in my va jay jay (I know, TMI, sorry!). I know that some of these are normal for towards the end of pregnancy so my question is does this seem like its happening too early? I all ready feel huge and my stomach doesn't feel like it will stretch much farther. Has anyone else been through this or have any advice? All advice welcome! Thanks :)

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I don't envy you! It almost over! (And once you hold you beautiful little baby this stuff will be a thing of the past.)  I didn't experience all that you are but I can offer what I have. Back, hip, and leg pain is very common! Your baby is getting big and putting pressure on well, everything! Taking warm bathes, having someone (anyone!!) give you a good massage, and sleeping with lots of pillows might help some. If you have a gym or something nearby with a pool often swimming can help too. (or just floating around like a bloated whale-as I felt like when I was where you are)I had a friend who was having pains "down there" towards the end of her pregnancy. She said her doc said it was normal, but I'm not sure if there is anything you can do about it. Sorry.Keep keeping on! Your belly will keep stretching as your baby gets all the good stuff it needs. Before long I would take some time for yourself- go get a manicure, new hairdo, go out for a nice night on the town...whatever works. Enjoy yourself and the accomplishment you are near finishing! Look forward to the next exciting twist in your life!
I know it doesn't feel like it but your almost there! I had all the same stuff as your going through and it's all normal :) Your baby is probably starting to drop which is why your feeling this way so just try and relax as much as you can.
Thanks ladies! It just seemed so early to be going through this. Thanks for the advice and the encouragement :)

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