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Changing from bassinet to crib how to deal with unhappy 3month baby

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We just moved our 3 month old son from his bassinet in our room to his crib. He falls asleep pretty well, but wakes up and cries more often. What are the proper steps as we do not want him or us to fall into the wrong pattern to get him to fall back to sleep!

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Think about from his point of view. Up til now, he could hear you breathing and moving around if he woke up during the night. Being all alone is probably kind of scary for him. If he wakes up, I would just go in his room, comfort him and remind him you are still there for him and lay him back down. It might take a week or two for him to adjust.Good luck and happier sleep :)
We used the method of letting her cry for five minutes, then going back in to briefly comfort, then letting her cry another five minutes, etc. It only took a few days for my daughter to adjust. She protested a lot when we put her down but then she was out like a light in two minutes tops. We have a seahorse toy that lights up and plays lullabies which we've used from the start to signal "it's time to sleep" so that helps too. Like Avitoria said, if he wakes up just comfort him (feeding if need be) then put him back down. You don't want to make a big deal of it. You're basically reminding him that you are there, you are watching, and you care.

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