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chicken pox

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My mom forced us to play with a neighbor kid carrying chicken pox. Now there's a vaccine. Call me crazy, but for the sake of my daughter's immunity, shouldn't I let her experience this at a young age? What's your recommendation?

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Initially, I was against the chicken pox vaccine. I thought it was silly, since it's something we all went through as kids. But, I changed my mind for two big reasons:1. The majority of kids get this vaccine, which means they won't be getting chicken pox. That reduces the likelihood of non-vaccinated kids getting as kids. The disease is much, much worse to get as an adult. That's not something I want for my kids.2. The chicken pox virus mutates in the body. It lies dormant for decades and then, after about age 50, it can get triggered and affects the adult as the disease shingles. It is incredibly painful, and is really awful to experience. That is something else I do not want my kids to experience.Plus, chicken pox, like many of the other diseases we vaccinate against, can be life-threatening to anyone who contracts it. 

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