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Is this child abuse?

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I have a friend that is 37 years old and she has a daughter who just turned 4 years old. I have been hanging around with them for a while and i have seen some very horrible things. The daughter has her normal tantrums but when it comes to her mother disciplining her example *go into the corner* she screams bloody murder. The mother doesn't physically abuse like beating, she only spanks as a last resort. The daughter defies everything and even if she is told no to ANYTHING she will scream cry beg stomp her feet etc... not like your occasional tantrum. Earlier this week her daughter snuck out of bed and got into all her moms soaps, lotions, perfumes, including the house hold cleaning supplies. So she took the girl to the emergency room. The next day child protective services was her house and looked all over the house and took photos of her daughter to put on file. Along with that she was letting her daughter stay up late most of the time until 5 a.m. I don't understand why either. Now today while we were getting coffee at a mall the mother thought she saw an old friend so she quickly says hold on to Emily my daughter and she darted off without a word. Now not even a minute later the daughter start SCREAMING!!!! at the top her lungs kicking and hitting me. and trying to catch up to her mom. I cant understand how she did that., Then while she is screaming people look at me like i am kidnapping her. When the mother showed back 3 minutes later i told her people were staring at me like i was taking her away. she was laughing about it. Then she later on peed her panties the mother brought a change of clothes to put her in. later on the mother took her to the bathroom the daughter didnt need to go at the time so that was whatever. But then about 30 min later she peed her self again. Since she had no more clothes i suggested we buy her a cheap outfit with new panties. the mother stated no i will be taking her home soon and i dont have enough money. Since the mother is epileptic she doesnt work and her brother gets her disability check because hes the beneficiary. Later on she ended up peeing herself another 4 times. and the mother didnt even bother rushing home right away. I knew she had enough money to buy something to change for the fact we had went out for a fairly pricey lunch costing her 30 dollars. I saw the little sit in her own urine for a total and this exaggeration of 5 or more hours until we finall got off the bus went to a dollar store then a gas station the finally home where i saw the little girls panties and onesy soaked in urine. When i say her panties there wasnt just a little spot it was pretty much the whole panties. It stunk so bad. Even the onesy was soaked right through it felt like she sat in a shallow baby pool. I have already called the cops once. But now i have photo evidence of the panties and out fit she soiled her self in. If i report her again will this be enough to have the daughter taken away. The daughter is mentally troubled as is and the mother doesnt want to accept that for a fact. WHAT DO I DO HELP!!!!

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