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Cigarette vs breastmilk

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I used to be a smoker but quit after finding out I was pregnant. Today was one of the most stressful days of my life and I took a single drag off a cigarette (and nearly choked). About an hour later I pumped and gave my son a bottle of formula (he has formula and breast milk throughout day as I have a decreasing supply of breast milk). I still have the milk (10oz)...should i throw it away? Im petrified to give it to him. Please dont judge: 1. No milk was given to my son 2. Im willing to "pump and dump" 3. Never trying a cig again 4. Changed clothing and didnt hold my son after

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Personally I don't believe you have little, if anything, to worry about. Yes women who smoke while nursing can transfer the nicotine to their children but if it was just one drag I don't believe there was enough nicotine taken in to affect your son in any way. And if any did get transfered to your child there is no physical or mental damage being done. Worse happens when you pass the line of smokers before entering the mall. I use to be a smoker and know how hard it was to quit. I know the feeling on a very stressful day when you just want that 5 min break. You're not a bad mom or anything. Don't worry about it, go feed your son the milk his mother made for him and hold him extra tight.
You're fine.  If you feel better tossing the milk, then by all means toss the milk!  It's not worth the headache, especially when you know you'll be making more!  And hey - 50 years ago, moms were drinking and smoking while pregnant, not to mention around their babies and toddlers, and most of us turned out just fine.  :)  One drag is NOT going to send your son to remedial reading, so please don't beat yourself up for it.  (And thank you for quitting.  I know it was hard, but your son and the moms of his friends greatly appreciate it!)
the milk will be just fine. don't beat yourself up.
I agree with all the responses! Especially if you have a decreasing supply (which I am struggling with, too), don't dump that liquid gold! Kudos to you for quitting, and for realizing after one drag that you don't want to do it anymore.
I breast fed both of my kids for over a year and trust me one cigarette drag will not harm the baby. Dont beat yourself up and be proud to be a good mother that doesnt smoke around their child or while you were pregnant.
I hope you dumped it. I wouldn't give it to your baby. I did get asthma because my mom smoked when she had me, breastfed me and from the 2nd hand smoke. It's not healthy and it is like giving a kid a cigarette when you smoke around them.Throw out all your cigarettes now. Don't go back. You and your child will be healthier. Try to let yourself relax by watching a show you like or buying a magazine for yourself. Also, getting out and getting sun and fresh air helps too. :)

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