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Cloth Diapers

4 answers
Where is the best place online to order cloth diapers? Being new to using them I am not sure and I would like to try a couple different brands. Thanks!

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try they offer free shipping with a min. purchase. it's at your door in 2 days, tops. you can also purchase them at an super walmart. plastic pants are tough to find. try for those. hope this helps.
I am looking more into FuzziBunz or Grovia. I just am not sure with all the different brands what is best. I am not really wanting to do the white cloth diapers that require the plastic pants.
In case you have to get the plastic pants, they sell them at Target.
The FuzziBunz website should have a list of retailers available.  Many of the popular brands (Happy Heinys, RumparooZ) do.  Also, a google search of the different brands will often return online stores as well.  One other good resource is  It's a forum where mamas buy and sell used cloth diapers, which can save money too!  Good luck!

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