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Co-parenting/I feel too controlling

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My boyfriend and I just had our first child together. In the two weeks since our sons arrival things have been really hard. I nag him alot and I feel bad about it all the time, but he annoys me. I understand we do things in our own way and thats fine, but at the same time I feel like I am not allowed to spend time with my son. My boyfriend doesn't work and therefore is home ALL THE TIME which truly does bug me at times. How can we come together on raising our son? My boyfriend does a great job but I feel he smothers the baby and is a little too much at times. I know my boyfriend has OCD so I don't know if that's a contributing factor. Please help. I love my boyfriend and don't want to push him away or lose him. ~*Feeling too controlling*~

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First of all, this is your first child together and as a couple things can be better uneven/stressful at first. It takes a little to adjust to a new baby. When my husband and my son arrived we seemed to fight alot more in the first month or so than in our previous marriage without kids. It was a big adjustment as we both realized we had, at times, conflicting parenting ideas.Remember you guys are a team. You need to work together. Be thankful you have a man that is wanting to be active in your family's life. Maybe sit down and talk about who does what and how. If you have something particular that is very important to you- like feeding- let him know. Maybe you could shut yourself in a room, just your baby and could be some good bonding time without your boyfriend. Also understand that he is learning too and wants to be involved. Don't be too selfish. You created this life together and he should have a say in how things happen too.Remember that the first month or two is an adjustment for EVERYONE! :)
Thank you very much for this! I hate that I feel so overwhelming to our baby and my boyfriend. I will keep this wonderful advice in mind everytime I get the nagging feeling! Thanks again!!

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