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Colonoscopy and breastfeeding

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Hi, I unfortunately have to have a colonoscopy and am concerned for my baby. My 8 month old his breastfed and refuses to take a bottle, and only plays with a sippy cup. I am also a stay at home mom and he is only with me so anytime I leave him with his daddy or my friend just to go to the store he cries and cries and cries. How can I make this as easy as possible for my lil guy as with the medicine I have to take the day before I will not be able to nurse and depending on the Anesthesia that I will be given will depend upon when I can resume breastfeeding. I can not pump enough milk I have tried and there just isn't enough (after 20 minutes on both sides I only have 1 1/2 ounces). I have tried giving him formula but he spits it out. I hope I do not sound like a complete dummy I just need some advice.

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Your not dumb its a good question I think that if you need advice ask and there will be good and bad comments but dont pay attention to the bad ones. You can try to pump and if that doesn't work then try giving him baby food or cereal. if your not against a wet nurse there's always that. I would not do it myself but others have different opinions on that. you can use different formulas my daughter loves isomil I breastfeed all the time exept for when i go to the store and she stays with her dad. I also think that you should ask the pediatrition about that because depending on how long the medicine takes to ware off then he might not have milk for weeks. Hope I was a tiny bit helpful.
My youngest daughter refused to take bottles, when became such a pain. They say keep trying new bottles until one works and that would solve the problem. 12 types of bottles later I came across a bottle called breastflow and my daughter loved it. But she would only drink juice from it, until I figured out she likes her milk room temp. Breastflow has a two layered nipple, and little bumps to feel as natural to the real thing as possible. Have who ever is going to be taking care of the baby make the nipple warm, like a human body and that might do the trick.
Breastflow is acually the only bottle my daughter will take i recommend investin in one. 

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