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Concerned about my 7 year olds weight

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At my daughter turned 7 this past October. At her check up she was 61lbs and 47inches. According to her Dr she said she's gaining more than what she should. When she was younger she was always small. She was always tiny as a baby and toddler then at her 5yr apt she was 40lbs, then at 6 she was 50 and now at 7 she's 61. Not sure if that's normal to gain that much in 2 years. She's a bit on the short side. I have her in swimming, dance and gymnastics every week. She has a bit of a tummy and she's solid, her legs are very muscular but is short for her age.Her father is a bit overweight and short. I'm more on the leaner side. I'm concerned and I've been trying to have her est healthy and I keep her active. Do you think maybe she will grow into her weight?? The Dr told me to keep her at this weight but I think she's already gainer 1-2lbs since October.

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