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condom broke 4 weeks ago and my stomach hurt after sex can i be pregna

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the condom broke 4 weeks ago and now i have stomach hurt after sex can i be pregnant and i also have pelvis and side pain sharp from time to time but i go my (.) this month and i think i feel movement

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have you tried the obvious? take a pregnancy test! no one on this site is going to be able to tell you if in fact you are pregnant, or not! if it comes back negative, and you still feel like you may be pregnant, make a dr.'s appt., and have them perform a blood test. those are more reliable than urine.
You would not feel movement this early. Call a doctor or go to the drugstore and pick up the cheapest pregnancy test. I think you can get one for $6 or something like that.
i agree with pinkpaisley8709 no one this site can tell you if your pregnant or not, but definitley make a dr. appontment. my wife and i had a baby and she didnt know she was three month pregnant because she was getting her period. she was having pains so we went to dr and he confirmed the pregnancy. so if you are unsure definitley go to dr.
Ok, first of all, like Kimmieapples said, you will not feel anything this early. Thats just facts. Some women will say they could, but ask a doctor, its impossible. Some women just want to feel it so bad, they make it up in their mind, or mistake gas bubbles for "baby movement". Impossible. So, your broken condom incident happened 4 weeks ago, if say, you ARE pregnant, I would assume your "period" could have been what they call "implantation bleeding" which usually occurs around the time of your expected period. Its when the fertilized egg travels down the fallopian, to the uterus, and implants itself into the uterine lining, which would shed if you were NOT pregnant, hence, YOUR PERIOD. So, technically speaking, if you are pregnant, this would not have been your period, so think back to the first day of your last real period, PRIOR to the broken condom incident. When was that? I would assume probably about 2 weeks before right? So technically speaking you would actually be considered about 6 weeks pregnant, since that is when they count it from. You are able to take a test! If you are pregnant, it would be more than positive already!
*fallopian tubes
With my first I didn't know I was pregnant but after sex I had so much pain in my lower stomach I cried.  I went to the dr thinking maybe I had a UTI, never had one before so I wasn't sure how it felt, only to be told I was pregnany.  Take a test.
I had pain after having sex early on too in my stomach and i was pregnant. Also i had a bladder infection but i had throughout my entire pregnanct from drinking too much tea. you COULD be pregnant buit it could be a uti or bladder infection also. Test it(:
I heard people say they felt the baby as early as eleven weeks. If your baby is moving now, what could you feel since they don't have arms or legs yet really?
At about 6 weeks pregnant, your baby is only the size of the piont on a sewing needle, to feel movement is impossible. So have you even tested yet???

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