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to confirm pregnancy if i missed periodstiredness, smelly odour, back

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tiredness, smelly odour, backpain cannot confirm pregnancy positive

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have you tried the obvious? as in taking a pregnancy test? you cannot always rely on symptoms to tell if you are truly pregnant or not. duh! i am amazed at how stupid america has become. as time goes by, society becomes more and more ignorant every day.
They are symptoms but they can also be for an upcoming period too. There are alot of the sysptoms that cross over with others. As for the odour part, if the odour is fishy (strong smelling), just not normal then you should go to the doctor as there can be infection. Can if you can considering pregnancy then do a home test to be sure. :)
as for the odor, you need to talk to your doc as the previous poster stated. otherwise, try using an external vaginal wash. you will find them with tampons, etc.

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