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Everyone I talk to says that they felt the baby move at 16 or more weeks pregnant. And I have Googled it a thousand times to see if it's possible, but since Monday I have been feeling something move. I was laying down on my back and I felt like a weird jumping/rolling feeling in my stomach. I thought it was gas, but it didn't stop. It continues to do it, all the time. I don't really know if it's possible, since my baby is so small. A few people have told me that because I am small (short and skinny) that I may feel the baby move sooner or I may notice a change in weight sooner than most women would. IS that true? I was also having a few symptoms that were just weird. I feel like a stretching sensation in what feels like my uterus, it feels like it's being ripped apart with some torture contraption. I don't understand that, my baby is small so it shouldn't be ripping apart my uterus right? And I have been having really bad heart burn, I literally wake up drowning on my stomach acid. Now, to my understanding that happens later in the pregnancy, when the baby is big enough to push on your stomach. And morning sickness has hit, hard. I cannot eat,smell,talk about, or have anything to do with food, period. I have actually got sick from looking at colors. It's that bad, so basically I throw up no matter what I am doing. IS that normal? For it to just come out of nowhere and attack you..And another thing is, dizziness. Lately, I will just get really dizzy, and then my head hurts, and I feel nauseated. But I haven't been able to eat, at all, sometimes I try to but it won't stay down anyways.Could it be from that? I know this is a lot of questions and it's all running together but try your best to understand it.

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You're only about 10 weeks along right now, right? That's pretty early to be feeling your baby move, especially if it's your first. Generally speaking, the earliest women feel their baby is 16 weeks, and that's usually not with their first baby. Some women do feel movements a coupld of weeks earlier, but that's not super common. When I was 12 weeks along with my second I may have felt him move a couple of times, but I wasn't actually positive that I felt him until I was about 16 or 17 weeks.It's likely that you're just feeling digestive movements, especially since you're having troubles with morning sickness. Vomiting and not eating much are going to make your digestion feel stronger and more turbulent. As far as your morning sickness is concerned, just eat what you can. Make sure you're taking your prenatal vitamins every day. If you can't keep down prenatals, it's ok to take a double dose of children's vitamins (like Flintstones or gummies). The vitamin are extremely important if you can't eat much. I had horrendous morning sickness with both my girls. It lasted about 6 months with my first, but only about 3 with my second. Both times nothing would help me to feel better. If you haven't already, try eating crackers, sipping ginger ale, eating ginger candy, and/or sucking lemon drops. Those can all help you to feel a little bit better. You should also Google morning sickness remedies, since there are more that I can't remember.I had heartburn with all three of my pregnancies. I don't remember when it started with my first, but with my second and third I would take two Tums every night before bed from the very beginning. Heartburn happens because digestion slows down during pregnancy. This allows your body to get the maximum amount of nutrition our of the food you eat so that both you and your baby get everything you need. When digestion slows down, it makes food sit in your stomach longer, which makes higher levels of stomach acid sit in your stomach. Even in the beginning of pregnancy, the acid can leak out (or up, I suppose is a better way of thinking of it) into your esophagus, causing heartburn. Make sure you are careful about what you eat, which I know is tricky with the morening sickness. Try to avoid anything that is acidic, like pizza, marinara sauce, orange juice, etc. And at night, take a couple of Tums.Headaches and dizziness can be normal, especially when you aren't eating a whole lot, but you should mention them to your doctor. They can be a sign of a more serious problem.
Yes I am 10 weeks, and 2 days. I plan on asking my doctor about it at my next appointment, which is on Wednesday.  I have always had low blood, I remember having dizzy spells even when I was younger, like 8 years and up. 

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