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Confused about something

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I just got my pregnancy newsletter in my mailbox and it says I am 16weeks and got 24wks left to go. But I am due November 3rd, How is this possible??? I go the 18th for my 4month mark ultrasound and check up on the 19th. On the 19th of this month I will be exactly 16weeks on the dot which is 4months. What is going on cause I am confused ! ! !

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The letter is right.  16+24 is 40.  your pregnant for 40 weeks.  It maybe off a day or 2, all pregnancy calendars are off a little bit, even as much as a week.  Don't worry about the "to the day" dates.  your babies development will still be ok as long as the doc says things are moving along good. 
theres no exact time that your gonna have your baby its all estimated so it could be a little off
my newsletters were 2 weeks off at one point . lol dont worry about it; if you know how far along you are then dont worry about tthe newsletters
ok. thank you everyone. Its just I never had a site or anything like this that I could run by kinda with my first child.
If you are having a boy, there is a good chance he will be late and a girl would be early. Not true for everyone but it worked that way for both of mine so I believe it. Every one is different though too remember.   :)
I'm due Nov 1st...that happened to me too with the news letter but its ok now. I'm havin a little girl, and she is already facing downward. So I guess you are right AAWM....I am very nervous but I was told not to be. But who wouldn't, helllloooo I'm only 5 months and 2 weeks :-/

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