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contractions?? PLZ HELP!!??

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I was layin in bed today and felt something like mild period cramps,, is it contractions?? im only 16-18 weeks. Should i be worried this is my first pregnancy i really wanna do everything right do i need to do something different. i walk dayly drink lots of water milk juice eat meat vegies fruit and try my hardest to avoid candy and soda stuff thats not healthy. help plz?!

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I am not sure about that whether it is contractions or not. You may consult a doctor for this.ThanksTarget registry
Sound like maybe round ligament pain. I had this a lot during my pregnancy. Do you have a doctor? Call the office and ask the nurses. They'll tell you if you shoudl be concerned. I called my nurses all the time!
My round ligament pain felt like somebody was stabbing me with a knife in my hip bones lol. If it feels like just mild period cramps, I wouldnt worry too much. I started having that before I even found out I was pregnant with my son, and I found out when I was 5 1/2 weeks. Then again, it could have been implantation cramping, BUT it continued through my whole pregnancy, it was always on and off. And, I went almost 2 weeks past my due date, and had a healthy 7 lb 11oz little boy. My midwife told me it was caused from beverages that were too cold, and not enough water. Maybe cut back on the juices and just try plenty of water, especially when you are out walking, and try not walking EVERY day either. Maybe every other day. Call your doctor and get his/her opinion, but this is what my midwife told me. The cold beverages, she says its because your uterus is a muscle and it can make it cramp, kinda like how when you drink cold water and it might make your stomache hurt a bit, its because it makes your tummy tense up.
contrations are going to feel like the worst period cramps you have ever had. even though it's your first, you will know when your contractions start. trust me. you will be doubled over in pain, and screaming. talk to your doc about it.
They are prolly braxton hick contractions, they are like fake contractions but sometimes hurt a little, thwey do a pulling sensation around ur stomach where the baby is, i had lots of those even early on (8 weeks pregnant) 
i agree, its probably braxton hix contraction, which r practice 1's. nothing to worry bout, but i would make an appt w/the doc to b sure thats what it is.
i agree, its probably braxton hix contraction, which r practice 1's. nothing to worry bout, but i would make an appt w/the doc to b sure thats what it is.

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