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copper IUD

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i have tried every birth control meathod out there except the copper iud. everything! pills, the shot, nuva ring, the patch, you name it! my body can't handle the hormones. i thought everything would be ok after getting the implanon implant in my arm. my doctor told me to give it 6 months. "let your body adjust, and you won't have any periods in the mean time." he said. bullshit! i bled EVERY SINGLE DAY for 9 months! i was bleeding so heavy that i was changing tampons and pads every hour. i called my doctor numerous times, and was told, "just give it six months, and after that we'll see what we can do" it got to the point where i told him, "if you don't cut this crap out of my arm, i will go home and do it myself!" they finally took it out, and i decided to give my body a break. low and behold, i wound up pregnant again. i'm thrilled to say the least, but i have got to find something out there for birth control. no, condoms are not an option. my husband has a large piercing, so that's why we can't use them. is there anyone out there that has the copper iud? that's my only option left because it's hormone free. i'm hoping that they will tie my tubes after this baby. but if not, i will have to try this.

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My mom had an IUD way back in the day (late 70s, early 80s), and I don't recall that she had any issues with it.  I think I remember her saying at one point that she liked it, but I don't know much more. In regards to tying o' the tubes, there's a radio commercial that's been playing here recently about some alternative to tying your tubes: it's supposed to be easy and less painful and extremely quick, but it's permanent, so you have to be sure that you don't want kids again, ever.  And for the LIFE of me, I can't remember what it was called!  (So much for the effectiveness of THAT commercial!)  Anyway, that might be an option in the long-term, if you're well and truly done.  Something to ask the doctor about, anyway.
tying the tubes is mostly permanent as well. my mom had her's tied after she gave birth to my little brother. years later, when she remarried, she wanted another one. she had them untied, and was put on loads of fertility drugs. the procedure went well, but due to the large amount of scar tissue she was never able to get pregnant again. i know for a fact i do not want more than 2. i simply cannot afford more than 2 children. i already have 4 pit bulls, and a 21 month old. the hard part is getting my daughter potty trained before the new baby arrives. and it will be done! there's no way i'm having 2 in diapers, unless by some miraculous chance i end up with twins, lol. not to mention, i was not really supposed to get pregnant again after having my daughter. i have endometriosis, and i've also had a total of 9 cysts removed from various parts of my reproductive organs. cervix, tubes, and uterus. i was told in a nice way by my doctor that it would be in my best interest not to have anymore, because he was unsure of how well my body could handle another pregnancy. however, he would not tie my tubes at that point. i'm only 23, and i have been told that by the time i'm 30 i will have to have either a partial or full hysterectomy. yay! yank all that crap out, i won't be needing it anymore! i just pray that this time around i won't have a complicated pregnancy, and that everything goes somewhat smoothly, unlike my first. although, labor was a cinch! she was out in 20 minutes flat after they broke my water, and gave me an epidural.
My sister in law had the copper IUD. She loves it and has no problem with it at all. She was in the same boat you are with not being able to handle the other forms of birth control. Super simple visit to the doc, in and out. It's been two years no pain gets check ups from time to time to look for any problems but none so far... and no kids either lol. Oh and good choice in dogs btw! I grew up with pits and absolutely love them... wish my son could be raised with them but military wont allow them on their bases and finding a landlord who will allow them is impossible. Good luck with the IUD 
we love our dogs and treat them as if they were our own children. i could not have asked for a better breed when it came to raising dogs with my daughter. they have been extremely patient, loving, and very protective of her. she thinks the dogs are her brothers and sisters, lol. as she gets older she can learn all about resposibility when she helps me care for them. yeah, finding a landlord that will allow pits is next to impossible. we had an apartment with 1 female who was about 2 at that age, and eventually we were evicted. it took them about 6 months to discover what breed she really was. luckily now, we own 3.25 acres in the country, so we can have as many as we want. after we had a litter, we ended up with 11 dogs total. we got rid of all but two, and we are keeping those. published 9 photos of my daugher, and 2 of our dogs.
*i meant that there are 9 pictures of her with the dogs. sorry for the typo.
I am thinking of a cooper IUD as well because hormonal birth control makes me extermely nauseous. My mother had a cooper IUD after I was born and she never had any problems. I think a previous pst mentioned a permanent solution that was an alternative to getting you tubes tied. It's called Essure. They put some kind of coil or something in your tubes. My cousin had it. It was a same day procedure with local anesthetic.
No, that's the thing: the one I heard about on the radio (and I even read up on it, because I was just curious) is REALLY permanent.  Getting your tubes tied can be reversed - this one CAN'T.  So you really have to be sure. Oh!  And I heard the commercial again.  It's called Essure, if you want to ask your doctor in another eight months! Speaking of pit bulls, my son and I met a 6-week old pit bull puppy on our walk this afternoon.  Too adorable, and friendly as all get out.  I know it's all in how you raise them, but I'd never met one before so it was a very pleasant (non)surprise!
I had the copper IUD and 'that time of the month' was horrible for me, but with the Pill or the Ring it was great.  Hormones work well for me, Cooper doesn't.  But it did keep me from getting preggo for 6 months while I had it in.  Of course, so did charting mucus and BBT and not having sex around ovulation.  Honestly, if the piercing is an issue and you don't want to have more kids, tell him to MAN UP and TAKE IT OUT.  I've taken out piercings for other reasons.  Yeah, it sucks but live with it.  Or get his tubes tied!
the piercing is not an issue, and he can't take it out. it's bolted in and it would have to be cut out if we wanted it out. seriously. as far as a vasectomy goes, that's not an option, either. we cannot afford it, and i takes a couple of months before he will be completely sterile. i have read up on that, and also essure. with essure, i have to use some other form of birth control with it for the first 3 months. i'm hoping that medicaid will pay for the tubal litigation. that's really what i need.
Well it is my duty to let you know that I am of the small percentage the Paraguard didn't work. I now have information from my doctor that if a woman has an IUD, she should use the Mirana, but seeing as it has hormones, that's out for you.So the story. Last year in May from the Health Department, I received a Paraguard(copper) IUD, and for the first two months, I cramped heavily almost everyday, and I bled quite a lot.  In July, I stopped having a period, cramps went away, and my sex with the hubby was pornostar awesome! I did have almost constant sensitive breast and pain, but I started losing weight and feeling great! You are told to check at least every month for the string, and if you feel something hard. If the string disappears, its out of place, if you feel something hard, its out of place. Every month I did this. In October, I had an absessed tooth, and had to have antibiotics. Got my tooth fixed and life carried on. The day after Valentines day, I was laying in bed trying to get some sleep when I felt something move. After already having one kid, I know the difference between gas and movement. So the next day, took a test, it was positive. Great, I am an accounting major in my final year of class with an internship, full time schedule, family....we weren't ready to have the kiddo, but oh well. When I went to the Health Department, they kept telling me it must have fallen out and I didn't know, who wouldn't notice? But when they put me on the table, the string was visible and in place. I was told that if they removed the IUD I had a 50% chance of miscarriage, but we still had to remove it. I went to the first OBGYN that I used with my daughter, and he said it happens more than people know, but he used an ultrasound, and removed the IUD. Any time now I am ready to POP!!! I am soooo ready that in two weeks, I am trying everything I can to get this kiddo out! But it wasn't what we wanted. The doc says without the hormones, the body often rejects the IUD, and that's not a staticstic listed. He did also say though, that if you use antibiotics at all, every BC method available is compromised except the condom or spermicide. If you do get it, and you get antibiotics, wait a month with no sex, and get your doc to check the placement.Now its time to whine, I never wanted a JULY baby, ahhh shucks it sucks!!!! Don't have sex in Oct or Nov, every woman out there, just save yourself the trouble, lol


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