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Could this be signs of early labor?

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I am 35 weeks with my 3rd child... The problems I am about to explain i did not experience with my first 2 pregnancies and haven't heard of anyone else having them either so I'm starting to panic. 4 weeks ago I had what the ER dr called a "bleed out". I woke up in the middle of the night SOAKED in blood and when I stood up it POURED out seemingly for no reason. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days with no further bleeding but they said if it happened again that I would stay until baby was born... Checked in with my OB a few days later and he made it sound like it was no big deal, just everything is swollen down there and more blood to the area means higher chance for blood vessel rupture. As long as I feel the baby moving everything should be fine. I have had these bleeding problems twice more since then without going to the hospital the last one being about a week ago but now it's different. The baby dropped 3 days ago and now I'm having what looks like clear "slime" streaked with blood and little pieces of what look like clots. I'm also having pain inside my "stuff" like a shock or a sting and the braxton hicks are getting worse. Is this happening because of the bleeding I've had before or because the baby dropped or is it early labor signs. Has anyone else had these problems, please any input or advice would help ease my nerves... my OB is out of town at the moment and I'm freaking out...

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I will be honest you might be very concerned for you.I can understand the OB out of town, as my doctor was on holidays and I had to drive extra distance to have my third child. The "slime" like discharge can be and probably is your mucus plug. Most will loose the plug sometime before labour, may be right before others will loose it days to weeks before. But with the other signs and concerns of yours I'd say you can be going into labour. Watch your braxton hicks. Watch for consistancy and change, if they start getting longer and stronger a pattern. Your in labour dear. As for the clots look at the size. I know after delivery if they are the size of a loonie they need to be checked. I'd say here if they are that size then for sure get it looked at. With the "bleed out" and happening again it can be a vessel breaking as you do have a lot of pressure and extra bood but I'd get it looked at again. It's better that you are at a peace then unsure and feeling that something maybe wrong. If this is labour you need to be aware that babe will be preterm so there'll be extra cautions needed. It's better to get it looked at sooner then later. Hope this helps through my rambling. Best of luck.When in doubt get in checked.
you may have passed the mucus plug. that can cause bleeding, and slimy discharge. when i was 36 weeks, i was in the shower, and blood started pouring out. i went straight to the er, and they told me i had passed the mucus plug, and sent me home after checking my cervix. i was only 3.5 cm dialated. they induced me at 37 weeks after i had been in the er four times for what they called, "false labor"  i went to the dr one morning b/c she stopped moving. they put the monitor on and said she was fine, and sent me home. that night, i started to go into what they again called false labor. i layed in the hospital bed and told them i was not leaving until they induced me.
If you feel nervous, which I would be too with all the symptoms your described. You should go get checked out even if your doctor is not there, I'm sure they have a nurse practitioner or another doctor that could check you. If not, go to the ER again. Even if you go 10 more times before you deliver, it is good to make sure everything is on the up and up. Good Luck!!
Oh my, I think you should go in to get checked out...even if you have to see another OB while yours is out of town.  It's better to be safe than sorry.  You're far enough along so that your baby may be okay if it turns out you're going into pre-term labor...or they may be able to stop the labor.  Besides, any sort of unusual pain or discharge should be reported anyway, so call the clinic/hospital for sure.
I would def. call the doctor and tell him that you need to be seen.  Don't worry about seeing another doc -- you may even like them better!!  That happened to me when I was admitted at 29 weeks to the on-call doctor.  It was kind of sad to go back to my old doctor!  Good luck and call the doctor!!

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