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Could cough medicine cause a rash?

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My son only spends one night a week with his father, and every time he comes home it seems, he has a rash that takes two days to go away if not properly attended to. We only recently got him to start sleeping through the night at home. Every time I ask his dad how he slept at his house, he says "just fine" or "he slept all night". I'm having a hard time believing him and now I'm wondering if maybe he has been giving him something to "help" him sleep. If so, would I be able to tell by the fact that he has a rash every time we get him back? I want to believe that he wouldn't lie to me about that, but I'm having a hard time trusting him.

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i don't think that cough meds cause rashes. how old is your child? if you don't trust your child's father, then why are you leaving him with dad? there could be something at dad's house that is giving him a rash. maybe the laundry detergent dad's clothes are washed in.

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