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could the doctors be wrong?

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Okay, so me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for a while now. I was suposed to get my period on March 13, but didn't. I got a light bleeding on March 19th that only lasted 4 days. My period is usually heavy and lasts 5-6 days. I went to the doctor twice and both blood tests came out negative. The lower part of my stomach is hard and protruding and I have to pee frequently and am very emotional than usual. Could I be pregnant and the doctors were wrong? Help!

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They could be but I doubt it. You could just have a light period from trying to get pregnant and the stress that goes with it. And all the other symptoms could be just in your head because you want to be pregnant. Wait a few more weeks then try an at home test again. It may acctually read different if you wait long enough and remember to use the first morning's urine.
Blood tests are very accurate. You wouldn't be far along enough for any "protruding". It takes longer than that for you to show. I agree with AAWM that it is probably in your head because you want it so bad. Just keep trying every month and go with the flow. It will happen easier if you don't stress about it. Good luck!!
maybe there test are pretty accurate but theres a small chances that there wrong                               
If after a week of no period then talk to your doc again and ask for a blood test.  They are much more accurate, and less prone to human error.  

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