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Could having had an abortion make you infertile?

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no after you have an abortion you can get pregnant again most of the time but my friend got pregnant and had an abortion and couldnt have anymore kids after that i know that at the time an abortion might seem like the right thing to do but its not thats killing your own baby even if its not born yet your still murdering your own child and what if thats the only baby that god was gonna give you and you killed it and then when you reallly really really really want a baby you cant have one im not trying to tell you what to do but in my opinion having an abortion is the most horrible thing somebody could do hope this helps good luck! :)
Yes--and it can put you at risk for several cancers!  For some reason, the body handles a natural miscarriage differently than an abortion.  The abrupt change in hormones during an abortion is different than a miscarriage which puts you at risk for hormonal cancers.  During a D & C, it's possible for the dr. to create scar tissue and that will prevent a baby from implanting in your uterus.  Hope that helps!

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