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could i

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Be pregnant if My 1 year old sons almost always sleeps on My stomach. And almost always wants me to pick him up? Or is it just me

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The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. You cannot rely on external factors like children's behavior. Even experiencing typical "pregnancy symptoms" doesn't mean you're pregnant.and next time, please be a little more patient when posting a question. Now we have 6 of this same question posted. I know we all have our accidents, especially on a mobile device. But, don't push the submit button multiples times because it will post over and over. Just give it a minute to actually post your question.
I dont understand the question? You are worried you are pregnant because your son likes to sleep on your stomach? It honestly just sounds like he is going through an attatchment phase. No, your other child will not know any sooner than you would that you are pregnant. If you have missed a period or even if you just feel like you might be pregnant though, you should visit your ob/gyn. He or she can do a relatively quick exam to let you know everything is ok or to confirm your suspicions.

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