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could i already be showing/feeling signs of pregnancy?

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my husband and I are trying to have our 3rd child. We had sex on the 7th and. Now my boobs are hurting a little. I just didn't think that I could be feeling anything that quick. When I was pregnant with my other kids I was working out more so I never really paid attention to them hurting. Since I am a stay at home mom now I have been paying more attention.

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When I was pregnant with my son, I had no idea I was pregnant, we werent even trying but I had my period December 6th, 2009 and about 2 weeks later my boobs hurt when I would lay down for bed, if I accidently bumped them it hurt sooo bad! Still, at this piont I was not even thinking pregnancy...I didnt even realize that my period was late at all, until I was complaining to my friend about how bad my boobs hurt...and she asked me if I was pregnant lol. So I looked at the calendar, and by this time my boobs had been huring for way over a week now, and I realized I was 11 days late. I didnt want to take a test because I was nervous, 2 days later I woke up and had to run straight to the toilet lol I was sooo sick! So that was when I finally decided to test, and when I did it was about 3 and a half weeks after conception. So I was 5 weeks pregnant, but only 2 weeks past conception when my boobs were hurting, its usually the first sign! Even before you miss your period, but sometimes sore boobs are a sign of your period too...unfortunately.
I meant 4 weeks after my period on December 6th, 2009 lol sorry, I was thinking ovulation. I ovulated around the 18th of it was about 2 weeks after THAT! Not even, I think they started hurting before I was even expecting my period!

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