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Could I be pregnant?

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2 days ago I was emotionally forced to sexually act for a person I used to call a friend of mine. He basically has sex with me through the rear passage but there was once or twice that it came in contact with my vaginal entrance. I am a virgin so this is all new to me. I am pretty worried and if it is at all possible even if it is a few percentage then I would think it was best to take a pregnancy test? Hopefully its just me being just worried but would like a different perspective as I have not told anyone about this. Just to clarify what I mean about emotionally is that I had no intention of going through with this but it basically ended up in a form of rape but I am handling it fine for now as I had friends helping me.

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If you were forced to do anything sexual whether it be emotionally/physically you were raped. You have to say something. Friends don't rape eachother. I would say yes, take a test if you miss your period. Even if it was anal, it could have dripped or slid through the crack to your vagina. Please speak out on this...

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