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could i be pregnant...?

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hii...i have a 2 year old daughter and ever since she was born my piriod has been regular usually every 19 or 20th of the month...!! i have been having un protected sex for about 3 months were my husband would pull out...but this month its already the 26 and i havent gotten my piriod..!! i have been having a clear discharge for about a week..and i toke a pregnancy test on the 22 and it came out negative..pluss i have back pain... could i be pregnant..? could it have been to early for the pregnancy test to come out possitive..?

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It could be too early but probably not.  I would wait it out another week (or two if you can) to take another pregnancy test if you still have the discharge for a week contact your doctor and see what he thinks.
Agreed! Take your time on it as the home pregancy tests may not show up postivite, if you are pregnant, quite yet. Try to relax and take it in stride as stress can cause your period to be late or even missed. You should know that pulling out is not a form of pretecting yourself against pregnancy. As a man has pre-semen that can contain sperm which can happen before he pulls out.
thank you..!! i will take ur adviice...!!
i would wait two weeks to take the test. i  knew i was pregante before i missed my period because i can feel the diffrence in me.if you really intuned with your body you can tell if you are or not before the test
You'll need to wait until your next expected period in order to get an accurate test result.

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