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Could I be pregnant?

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This is my first cycle off of birth control so im not positive of when my period is suppose to come but I know that im definitely a day late if not 3 or 4. My last period was november 19-25. And I know my cycle wasnt more than 32 days before birth control (my cycle has always been regular). The past two days ive been rlly bloated and having indigestion after I eat lunch and dinner. I took a test this morning and it was negative. But ive read a lot and it seems like it could be too early or I may not have enough hcg in my system (I read that some people were 5-8 weeks and it only came up in a blood test not a urine test.) It really doesn't seem like im fooling my self I feel legitimately sick and full or pressure and I never got pms systems before birth control or during. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Im actually in disney world right now so I wont be back home to go to the doctor until monday which is probably a good thing.

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