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Could I be pregnant?

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Hello! I am currently 12 days late on my expected period. My last period start day was on March 10 and went until the 14th. I had sex the night of the 15th. I don't exactly think I am a pregnant, but just the fact that I am so late and never have been before is confusing me. I know there is a slim chance of getting pregnant a day after your ending cycle, but much research has told me that some women have indeed gotten pregnant from that way. The only symptoms I've noticed is this pale yellow fluid from my vagina, although it lasted a day and went to a sticky whitish clear fluid. My boobs feel normal, but I have been quite bloated and more tired than normal. I was ill two weeks after I had sex, but it went away. I've been having more dizziness than I normally have(I have vertigo). Also, was incredibly constipated for a week. Now I have been feeling like my period is about to start any day now. Lately, I have been getting mild cramping but it doesn't last long and I barely notice it. I keep running to the bathroom everytime I feel "wet" down there.. But there's never anything there. Has anyone ever experienced this before? I've taken a first response gold test and a Kroger brand test, both negative. I'm just very confused, and would love some insight on this. Thank you in advance! :)

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