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could i be pregnant? i really need help

4 answers
i have been goin to the bathroom more den usual. i be tired all the time n i get frustrated real quick. my monthly is a lil late. n my aunty n lil cuzn keep sayin i am

answers (4)

it could be to early to tell if forsure no u would need to take a home pregnancy test & it could also just bee in your head as well, but to forsure know then a home pregnancie test would be best for you to find out!
take a pregnancy test, woman! geez, the idiodic questions on here really get me. if the test comes back negative, and you still feel like you are pregnant, then go to the doctor for a blood test. it's that simple. no one on this site can tell you whether or not you are pregnant, so really you are just wasting your time posting a question like this.
If you think you might be pregnant you need to take a pregnancy test or see your doctor.
Take a pregnancy test,or you can go to the doctor for a more accurate result.

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