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Could i be pregnant without having sex?

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i went to my boyfriends house and we didn't have sex and he didnt ejaculate but things got close and since its my first time im more likely to get pregnant, so immediatly after i got home i began looking up signs of being pregnant and it said sometimes guys cant tell when they go and being in close contact i could be pregnant, and it got to being around time for my period i got scared and took a test, it came out negative but they could be wrong, i also got a little relieved when ppl claiming to be doctors said i could only get pregnant from intercourse but ive been cramping and they say that cramps and no period means your pregnant and after i took the test which was two days ago, no period, and i can't go to a doctor even though im in college im still on my parents health insurance and they would disown me and i cant tell if its a psycological pregnancy or signs of real pregnancy and its making me sick and i cant tell if its just me or being pregnant, im terrified and worried and cant raise a kid, and every reason i look up why i dont have my period and eat and use the bathroom more frequently is pregnsncy. HELP!!!!

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Men know when they ejaculate. Trust me. But, seminal fluid does come out before ejaculation, and that can contain sperm. So, it is possible that you could be pregnant. Wait a few days and take another pregnancy test. at this point, even if you were pregnant, your hormone levels wouldn't be high enough to be causing pregnancy symptoms. Most women do not start experiencing things like morning sickness until at least 6 weeks. Chances are, you're just freaking out about the possibility of being pregnant and that is causing your mind to create common symptoms.If you aren't pregnant and couldn't face your parents with an unplanned pregnancy, you need to be more careful in the future. Don't have sex or "fool around", it only leads to trouble. And if you are pregnant, you can go to Planned Parenthood. They don't require insurance and they usually take a donation of whatever you can afford.
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