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Could I be pregnant- would be about 8 weeks

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I've been on birthcontrol for 7 years and never had a problem. 8 nights ago I got real dizzy and threw up. I've had non stop nausea for over 3 straight days. my breasts have never really been uncomfortable except when running (which I never do) but recently I'll feel some slight aches in them. I've lost about 4 pounds in the past week because food isn't appealing except toast and pasta nothing with much flavor. I went to the doctor and they said the pee test was negative but they also mentioned there was blood in it. I've been feeling really wet which usually only happens when i'm on my sugar pills which are a week and a half away. Last period I forgot to put a tampon in a few times and never had any problem. my temp is also 99.5 If anyone can give me some advice, I feel like I have too many symptoms for a negative

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If you had a negative pregnancy test, chances are good you aren't pregnant. You could ask your doctor for a blood test just to be sure, but it probably isn't necessary. It's likely that you are just going through some hormonal changes and are also psyching yourself out. It is very easy to experience pregnancy symptoms if you think you are pregnant, even when you actually aren't.

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