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Could I be prego?!?

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Had my cycle Aug 23-27 took clear blue easy digital ovulation kit 20 tests. It deteted ovulation on Sept 6&7. Hubby and I had relations on Sept 5,6 &7 also the 10th. So today around 7ish became nausea was also nausea Sat the 10th. This evening as I was sittin I noticed vaginal wetness as we did not have relations today?!? But it was wet like water not a sticky or pastey wet. So I inserted my middle finger to check myself and the vaginal secretion was clear watery stringy. Is this normal I am due to check for prenancy ont the 20th of this month or wait til period due date the 24th if no period. But I have had irregular cycles in the past. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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At this point you'll have to wait until your next expected period before you can take a pregnancy test. If you're concerned about some sort of problem you should call your doctor.

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