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could i be pregos

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Hello ladies i have 2 kids and i think i may be prego again. lately i've been feeling very very tired and sleepy. If i could i would sleep all day. 2 weeks ago i was craving jalopinos so i ate some with my dinner (i love spicy foods). and for the first time ever i had heart burns. now with the first child i had the same cravings and no problems. ive also had this headache for 2.5 weeks took meds for it and it still hurts. And my breast has been feeling engorged for a week now so on friday i took a test and it came back neg. my husband told me to take another the next morning, again neg. that sat night my period came. And now its monday and i think its gone and my breast are hurting again. So would i consider that a period or spotting??????

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Go see your doctor.

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