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Could I have gotten pregnant?

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My boyfriend and I had sex and I received my period on May 23 a whole week after we had sex. Fast forward 5 weeks after we had sex, and 4 weeks after my last period, I have yet to have my period. I have been on a 24 days cycle and was speculating it would come on the 15th of June. When it did not come I thought that maybe I was wrong and it would come on a 28 day cycle. However, either way my period has yet to arrive. Strangely enough I have experienced all of the pre-period symptoms; pre-cramping, PMS, craving for sweets, migraine. Is it possible that I am pregnant or is there something else wrong with me? The only medication I take is for asthma and allergies,and I have not been under a lot of stress. This has not happened to me in the past.

answers (2)

If you have had sex, it's possible that you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to find out.
No I don't think you are there are many other reason that causes delays like haemoglobin deficiency, hormones etc.But to be on the safer side you should get it done as soon as possible.Business Internet  

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