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Could I possibly be pregnant?

6 answers
My boyfriend and I had sex 3 days before my ovulation date. My ovulation date was the 23rd. Its been 11 days since and I'm having mild cramps on both sides. I'm supposed to get my period on the 10th of June. I'm going to wait until the 20th to take a test. What were chances of becoming pregnant?

answers (6)

theres a good chance your pregnant but its kinda low
I don't know your chances, but it isn't really necessary to wait to take a pregnancy test. You can take it the week you expect your period and it should be pretty accurate.
There is a possiblity that you are pregnant.  If you are young and healthy the chances are higher.  That said, it is still a slim chance if this is the first time you have had unprotected sex.I hope everything works out for you!
I am 22 and he is as well. Thanks so much for your answers! :)
I am 22 and he is as well. Thanks so much for your answers! :)
I was 23 yrs when I found out I was expecting. I was 2 weeks late and found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant when I went to the doctor. I took two home test and both were positive.

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