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could implantation cramping on both sides mean twins?

3 answers
for the past few days i have been experiencing cramping on both sides of my lower stomach. my period isnt due yet so i know thats not what its from, and when i get period cramping it is usually in my back. is this implantation cramping that im feeling? and since its on both sides could that mean twins?

answers (3)

don't worry about twins if you don't even know you're pregnant. i had all the little signs they say means you're having twins, and all the ones that say you're having boys, but i gave birth to one girl. you never know until you get a sonogram.
I personally have never had implantation bleeding, when I got preg with both my boys there was no bleeding at all.Most tests say they can detct pregnancy within a couple days of a missed period.If All else fails seek a doctor who will do a blood test to find out for sure :)basketball training tips
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