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Could it be a false positive?

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I was in Europe for three weeks this past august. I had my period the first week. And i technically should have ovulated the third week right? A lot of things went wrong on the trip and i was extremely stressed out that coupled with the fact that i was extremely anxious being away from my bf for the first time in three years...when i got back we had sex a lot using only the pull out method...four weeks later and three positive pregnancy tests...i am however not experiencing a lot of symptoms ...

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If you've taken three pregnancy tests, you're pregnant. Symptoms don't start right away for most women. On average, morning sickness takes at least 6 weeks to kick in. Symptoms aren't even experienced by all women. I only have morning sickness with girls. I didn't feel sick ever with my son. Common early symptoms are tiredness, breast tenderness, nausea/vomiting, aversions to foods and smells, cramping/back pain. But again, not everyone experiences them all, some don't have any of them, and they don't start right away.
For the record, the pull out method is not a method of birth control.  I am sure you know for sure by now if you are pregnant or not, I actually had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and got to see my little baby, I am 20 weeks now and will say that some symptoms begin showing themselves later in pregnancy, but also it depends on what you are having.  Pregnancy is different for everyone, but it seems many ladies that get very sick have girls while some who hardly feel pregnant end up with boys.  I do have morning/evening sickness and have had the common symptoms and found out two weeks ago that it is a girl.  Good luck!

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