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Could it have been a fetus?

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Im on seanique birthcontrol. And my period was late this month this morning i woke up and went to change my pad aand noticed a 1inch brownish grey thing on my pad. I have never seen anything like that before. I took it to my Dr. and she said to take a pregnacy test and if it came out positive it was a fetus, if it said negitive it was the lining of my uteras. The test came negitive, but my period is way lighter now than it ever has been, my back is hurting my stomach and vagina are cramping. So is it 100% positive that i was not pregnant, or still am pregnant?

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My cousin had the same thing happen to her. It was the lining of her uterus. At first they did think it was a pregnancy but after testing, they found it was just the lining. She said it was painful also. 
Ive actually had the same thing, and it just turned out to be my period, scared the beejeezees outta me though! Sometimes that happens, although rarely in your lifetime...but does happen from time to time.
When I was on nuvaring I had thick clots that were the size of 50 cent pieces that would fall into the toliet every time I went to the bathroom. Once I stopped nuvaring I had the clots for another month and then they went back to the tiny size they use to be and how they were few and far between. Hopings this helps.

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