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Could something be wrong with my pregnancy?

4 answers
Missed my period. Took a test in the morning. VERy FAINT POSITIVE! A few days later, I took one at night, And Got a Negative???? What does this mean? Could something be wrong? I've heard this POSITIVE/NEGATIVE effect can lead to miscarriages? PLEASE HELP. I'm scared. And worried.

answers (4)

It could have been a false positive. I would call your Doctor and set up an appointment for a blood test.
first test could have been read wrong. When you test with a pee stick, it is best to test in the morning with the first pee. I'd wait a few days and test again. Sometimes you just get bad test strips.
You probably got a bad test the first time. You are more than likely not pregnant. Go to doctor and get a blood test. Then you will know for sure. 
the positive could have been wrong, or the negative could have been wrong. did you use the same brand test? each test is designed to find different amounts of the chemical HCg maybe the second test you took needed a higher level hcg than you have yet. also did you use the first mornings pee? that one is more accurate because it is less watered down and more likely to have a higher amount of hcg if you are preggo.Either wait a week or so and redo a home test or go to a doc to get a blood test.

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