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Could you get pregnant while on Birthcontrol?

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I've been on birthcontrol for about a month now, but I've missed a few days (oops). For the past two weeks, there's been A LOT of stress and that could explain most (if not all) my symptoms. However, I've been nauseous, tired (i.e. last Friday, I slept 14 hours and when I got up, I felt like I needed a nap), I'm starting to have cramps and tenderness in the chest region. I know that it's a .1% that you could get pregnant while on birthcontrol... and I want to get pregnant, but my doctor insists that I stay on the birthcontrol (even went to the extent of calling me stupid for NOT taking it)... So, anyone here get pregnant while taking Ortho Tri-Cyclene Low or any other form of B/C?

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I got pregnant with my first daughter while taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen. It is possible to get pregnant even when taking birth control the right way. But, given your history, I doubt you're pregnant. You should see a fertility specialist to discuss your problems/options.

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