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A couple of mornings ago i had morning sickness now its gone why?

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It started wednesday. I got up walked to the kitchen and made something to eat. When i sat down to eat out of no where i felt shakey..i started sweating..and i went to the bathroom and sat in front of the toilet because I felt like I was going to throw up. I felt like that for about 5 minutes then it went away. The next day same thing happened. I got up made something to eat and after i took a bite out i felt sick again. Then again the next day but i didnt have to sit at the toilet. Today is Monday and this all happened Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Now its gone. I took a preggo test and the first one had two strong lines which ment i was pregnant. then in the morning on saturday i took the next one and it said i was pregnant too. I dont know if it was morning sickness and if it was then why did it go away so fast? and will it come back? is that normal for it to go away so fast? some one please help out..Thanks!

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Morning sickness will come and go as it pleases. Enjoy the days that you don't have it. If it comes back keep something light by your bed like crackers and munch them before you get up. Putting some food in your stomach will help with the sickness.
It will come and go as it pleases. You'll get implantation bleeding soon so don't be scared when that happens.

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