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Craving a smell?

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Ok, this probably sounds weird, but I have been craving a smell since I started my 3rd trimester. I am 33 weeks and it seems like I keep wanting to smell car exhaust. You know, the smell of the car when you first start it up or when you idle at an intersection? Yea, that smell. I can be sitting and bed, and all of a sudden that urge to smell that will hit me and its almost as bad as a food craving. When I get into the car and I smell it, I am soo happy. How weird is it that I am craving this? Is this a form of Pica? What could the deficiency be? Please let me know that I am not as crazy as I think I am. Thank you so much!

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Since that is a potentially dangerous thing to be smelling, I would talk to your doctor immediately.
Im not sitting in front of the exhuast pipe to smell it, I just get the urge to want to. Also, when I do, its the "normal" amount that you would smell getting into the car or whatever. Like I said, I am not going out of my way TO smell it, but when I do, I feel so much better and it goes away.
I didn't accuse you of purposefully smelling it. I just meant that this has the potential to escalate, especially since you say you do have the urge to sit in front of an exhaust pipe. If it is pica, it can easily turn from a mild craving to an intense compulsion. You should call your doctor to find out if this is a symptom of a serious problem.
With all of my pregnancies and current one, I craved the smell of a certain bar soap. During my second pregnancy I kept a bar under my pillow, and washed my hands just to smell it. This time it is also certain cleaning products which I know I cant smell because of potential harm to my baby.

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