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crazy affair turned into pregnancy... need advice

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ok... my husband and I had problems and we never divorced but he moved in with a girl. He was ready to leave and we were reconciling and now she's pregnant. In all honesty we don't know it's his or not even. She has quite a temper and they fight constantly. But now she threatens that if he doesn't stay and basically pretend that they are madly in love that she's either going to run out of state or she'll go have an abortion. She was previously married and had two kids who she does not have full custody of and she moved two states away from them. She doesn't even seem excited to see them and she doesn't have them much. Her facebook was plastered with her partying and drinking but now she covers it with how much she "loves" my husband and her kids. I think she does this to try to get a rise out of my but I stay silent through because if that is my husbands child I want him to be able to get full custody and me going off the handle could jepordize that. But does anyone have any advice on how he will be able to get custody. My husband and I are legally still married and I do still love him and he's so sorry for the things he has done and where things have lead. We have two children and they love him. They stay with me because I refuse to let them be around her. And my kids would be very confused and I'm not willing to mentally mess with my kids. I really could go on about the situation but the end result is that he stays with her only because if it is his child he wants a relationship with the baby. I want what is best for the baby and I believe that him gaining custody is what is best. We are waiting to see if it is his otherwise he would be back home with us already. But I will take the baby in as my own and we will raise it in a safe stable environment. I do not believe in revenge or anything my husband and I really just want what's best for the child and want to be responsible in the events that have happened.

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