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Crying and not wanting to go to preschool, soccer, etc. at 5 yrs.

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My 5 yr. old granddaughter has recently given my daughter and son-in-law a hard time when getting dropped off at 2nd yr. of pre-school by crying and not wanting them to leave. She also recently started soccer - something she was very excited about doing - but on the 2nd time going just wouldn't go out and started crying alot, so they just left and went home. She has always been a very happy, fun-loving child (she's the 2nd child) but has just started being really kind of shy and crying more. Any suggestions?

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Well by 6 yrs old a child should be old enough to express their thoughts & feelings fairly well. So id suggest they sit down with her (& not right before or after school or soccer) & talk to her like the big girl she is. Id start out by talking to her about maybe school first. Try asking why she doesnt want to go. Maybe theres a kid there she doesnt like that maybe picks on her or something. Maybe the other kids are able to do things better then she can & she's intimidated by that. I think its also be a good idea to talk to her teacher(s) about how she is after the parents leave. & maybe even ask them to keep a spacial eye on her to maybe see whats happening during the day. this might yield a clue. Also if she's child number 2 it could be because of her younger sibling depending on how old kid number 2 is. If the newest addition to the family is very recent then this could easily be the cause of her new behavior. I hope this helps. I wish you & her folks good luck

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