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Crying it out??

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My son is 6 month old. I am expecting again so naptimes and night time when he fights sleep is hard for me when im not feeling well. I want to let him cry it out but i feel horible about it!!! ...How long is it ok to let him cry and how hard can he cry before i should pick him up? And any tips on getting him to sleep through the night or even fall asleep with out mommy rocking him??

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wow that sounds verry stressing !!when my 2 year old was about 6 months too she would cry and cry because she didnt want to sleep and she wanted me to carry her !! i toke her to the doctor and she told me that crying never hurts a baby !! that they can cry for as long and as hard as they want and that nothing is going to happen to them... so thats what i did every night i would put her in her crib and with out lieing i swear she cryed for about 1 hour and like 20 min none stop... the next night she cryed a liitle less and so on until she finally understood that when it was time for bed she was going to go in her crib..and that crying was not going to help her out...!! well i hope my experience helps in some way.
i just re read my comment and it sounded so cruel..!! but sometimes its eather that or to keep dealing with it. I couldnt though because i had to go to school every morning.
Just make sure hes not hungry and that his diper is clean. And that your sure nothing hurts.
Thank you cossalejandra! No it does not sound mean, it actually help alot! I felt bad letting him crt but i just cant handle rocking him all the time when im not feeling good so im going to give you advise a try!! And knowing it cant hurt him makes me feel better. Thank you so much!!
Crying it out for over an hour does not hurt?!  Nonsense.  Babies are growing rapidly and need oxygen to do so.  Their oxygen intake is limited when they are bawling their heads off. Pick your baby up, comfort him and nurture him.  It's your job right now.  He won't be a baby for long.
just let him cry he will fall asleep just make sure hes not hungry and doesnt need anything and just let him cry untill he falls asleep
We let our boys cry it out.  We'd go in every 15minutes and pat their belly and talk with them but we'd not pick them up. We'd stay in the room for less then a minute.  The first night they cried quite awhile, but within 4-5 days they would go to bed and fall right asleep without crying.  It's SO hard to do but also SO worth it to have a good sleeper!
I would never let my daughter cry that long! You signed up for less sleep when you had a baby. Being a mom is a hard job. Try getting your baby on a schedule, it helped with my little one.       
oliviasmom81 : i knw having a baby is a verry hard job and the first night i did that i let her cry for about 15min after that i picked her up and she was soo mad that not even if i rocked her sang to her gave her her bottle or anything i did she woundnt stop crying she was really mad...!! she would stop for seconds and then continue...  and thats y im saying she cryed for about an hour and a half... and still now that shes 2 if she gets real mad shell cry for a long time no matter how hard i try to intertain her...!!as far as for erickson : true babys need oxygen but as i said i tryed my best for her too stop and she wouldnt..


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