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Daddy's left out!

3 answers
I'm 19 weeks pregnant, and I have started feeling my little baby flutters. Baby's daddy feels left out though because he can't feel it from the outside, and of course as soon as anyone puts their hand on the baby, it stops moving! Just wondering to all you moms with experience, when did daddy get to start feeling the movements from the outside?

answers (3)

Both of my kids were shy to daddy. I think with my son he saw him move before he could feel him. I was 7 months pregnant and we were cuddling in bed watching a movie and he had his hand on my belly. Our son moved the whole time and my husband said "Wow, that must get annoying" With my daughter I do not remember when he felt her move.
It was at least 25 weeks before anyone else could feel my babies move, though this last one would stop immediately as soon as he tried to feel her move. He didn't feel her move reliably until she was really big, around 30 weeks or later.
It really depends on how active ur little one is, and how much weight u have on u. Some ppl can feel a baby move as early as 19 weeks, and some not until 7 months. Just be patient. Once the little bugger gets growing more u'll be able to see him or her moving around all the time!  :)

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