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Daughter choosing wrong boyfriend

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My daughter is 17, off to her first year of college. She has a boyfriend that I just can't accept. Since she has gone off to college and meeting new people, she has found someone else she likes too. The current boyfriend is just no good for her but she keeps hanging on to him. He is barely getting through high school, he got kicked out of regular high school and is going to an alternative school. My daughter graduated a year early from high school, with top honors, now in college going into law enforcement. My daughter and I are very close and I don't want to ruin that, but sometimes I find myself getting very angry with her because she can't seem to get away from this kid. I keep trying to give her advice but it's not working. I know this is something she has to work out on her own but I'm having an extremely difficult time dealing with it. Any advice for me on this matter? I'm driving myself nuts with worry.

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