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Daughter-grandparents issue

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My 11 year old daughter doesn't want to spend time with her grandparents anymore. When she was little, she loved hanging out with either grandma or grandpa. Now, she barely talks to them. I noticed that it started happening a year ago. I asked her what happened, and she would just shrugged off. After her hockey game tonight, her grandparents came to speak to her, and she just ignored them. Her grandma is really upset. She called to apologize, but her grandma refused to speak to her. I don't know what to do. I told her to give grandma some time. I need some advice and suggestions. Thank you.

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Your daughter is almost a teenager. While this kind of behavior isn't good, it's to be expected. Teach your daughter the importance of family and to treat others with respect. Sometimes kids just don't understand how their behavior affects others, they don't always know they're being rude. (I know that when I was a teenager I rarely realized I had a rude tone of voice.)It's good that your daughter called to apologize to her grandmother. It's sad that her grandmother refused to speak to her. Yes, what your daughter did wasn't nice, but her grandmother needs to act like an adult, not like a child. Try to get her to forgive your daughter.

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