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Daughter won't sleep?

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My 19 mo. daughter won't fall asleep on her own. We weaned her from her bottle about 2 months ago and since then I have to be in her room rubbing her back or head for her to fall asleep. I have tried letting her cry it out but she just gets mad and stays up even later. I just started a full time job and NEED to sleep. Any Suggestions?

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Your daughter needs some form of comfort in order to fall asleep. I gave my kids sippy cups of water to help them get to sleep. It's not a perfect solution but it worked for my kids. I'm now transitioning them to sport top water bottles because I'm trying to wean them off the cups. It's helping, they just need something that provides familiar comfort. I also got LeapFrog puppy pals for each of them and those helped immensely. They can't sleep without the puppy's lullaby music.If you don't want to give your daughter anything else to drink at night (I completely understand) you'll need to give her some other form of comfort until she adjusts. If that means rubbing her back and sitting next to her crib, do that. Little ones don't transition over night. As your daughter starts getting used to the new bedtime routine you can begin to leave her room earlier while she's still awake. This will help her to fall asleep by herself.
She's still young, so if she needs you to sit with her while she falls alseep, do that. Her bedtime shouldn't affect your sleep, she should be going to bed between 7 and 9pm. My kids go to sleep at about 7:30.

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