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delicious snack for kids

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i recently came across a recipe on pan-fried peanut butter&jelly sandwiches. my toddler adores it, and gave it a fun twist of her own. you take a pb&j sammy, coat the outside of the bread in cinnamon butter, and cook it the same way you would a grilled cheese. i cut them up into triangles, and served them with plain greek yogurt. my toddler came up with the idea of dipping the sandwich into the yogurt, and soon discovered what a treat this was! i will never eat a plain pb&j again, after trying it this way! instead of jelly, i use apple butter. less sugar, and just as sweet. for an extra boost of nurtition, use Jif DHA omega-3 peanut butter instead of regular.

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now you are making hungry-and i just finished eating!
Can't wait to try this for my 3 year old when she gets back from her grandmas house.. She loves penut butter and apple butter sandwhiches.
This sounds so yummy! My kids are almost 11 and almost 16 but they are going to LOVE this! Plus, they can do it themselves on the George Forman grill!

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